Our network

With 8 agencies in Germany and 70 sites in France, Heppner’s unique organisation rivals the largest competitors.

Heppner in Germany

Heppner’s area of trade in Germany is focused on some of the country’s primary areas of activity. In this sector, Heppner’s eight agencies guarantee proximity and a direct path to France.

A strong network in France to be closer to your recipients

Heppner is a network made up of 70 agencies in France that are spread across the entire country. This national presence guarantees close proximity to your suppliers and recipients so as to guarantee reliable and secure transport of all goods and offer a solution that is perfectly adapted to your needs.


A direct presence in Spain and the Netherlands

Through the acquisition of flow specialists in delivering to and from France, Heppner has extended the range of its network. Heppner HaCas in the Netherlands and Heppner Eurobeta are subsidiaries that are now fully integrated into the Heppner teams.

Take advantage of the best of each country with System Alliance Europe

This exclusive and independent network is made up of real experts in their market. Overall, there are more than 50 partners spread across 32 European countries that are partnered through harmonised processes and shared tools. Our network includes almost 1,800 fixed connections that guarantee rapid transport of your products across all of Europe.